C# Consulting

I provide expert C# consulting services, with the option for local assistance in Berlin or worldwide remote support. Together, we can design, develop, and deploy robust applications using the powerful C# programming language across a variety of platforms, from desktop applications to web services and mobile apps.

High-Performance C# Applications

By leveraging the structured and type-safe nature of C#, not only can we ensure your application’s reliability and maintainability, but also achieve excellent performance and scalability. With the flexibility of C#, you can have one codebase applicable to multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux (using .NET Core), as well as iOS and Android (via Xamarin). We will collaborate to build efficient, secure, and user-friendly applications utilizing best practices and clean coding standards.

Experience as a C# Developer

You can depend on my extensive knowledge in C# development, as I have been working with this versatile language since its early years in 2002. As a seasoned remote consultant, I have developed C# solutions for many different companies.

The projects encompassed both web and desktop applications using C#, with emphasis on responsive design, robust data handling, and secure authentication systems. For more details about my experience, please check out my CV here.


If you have any queries, need references, wish to know more about my past projects, or want to inquire about my availability for C# consulting, please feel free to contact me here. Currently, I am residing in Berlin, Germany.